Decoding Behavior Summit

Top Insights and Strategies to Address Behavior with Compassion, Grounded in Brain Science, and Honoring Neurodiversity

Free & Online February 11-13, 2022


Ready to tame challenging behavior and help your neurodivergent child thrive?

This parenting summit is all about providing hope for your child’s future and helping you to help your child — and your family — feel better to do better. Twenty-seven of the world’s behavior, ADHD, autism, anxiety, and parenting experts have come together to share the most effective, scientifically-supported approaches to challenging behavior. 

You’ll learn:

Join thousands of parents improving life for their neurodiverse children — as well as for themselves and their families. 

the Praise

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you for this summit. It has been SO eye opening. I am seriously in tears because it is the perfect message at the perfect time. I've passed the link on to all of my fellow Autism mom friends. All of your efforts in organizing this are appreciated."
Lynn Davison
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“I'm so grateful to Penny and Sarah for pulling all these autism parenting experts together in one place. NOW I know where to go to research my questions. The speakers are passionate about what they know and they love to share it. Well worth the investment to be able to listen to their presentations on my own time. Thank you both!”
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“I just wanted to reach out to thank you so much for putting together this summit and allowing me to participate as a parent free of charge. I have been finding the sessions so incredibly helpful and encouraging. It's eye opening and educational to understand the world of autism beyond my everyday experiences with my son, but to hear beyond from experts I wouldn't ordinarily hear from, helps me help my son. Thank you.”
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“I have a renewed sense of hope for the future and a ton of new tricks in my bag! I could never have found all of these resources on my own in a lifetime, and you gave them to me in a week.”
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“The Summit is a gold mine of information. Every parent of a special needs child needs to listen to it. Amazing!"
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“Not only do I feel empowered with knowledge, but also understanding that my son is who he is supposed to be. I'm grateful and proud, more than anything, I'm at peace."
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"I don't usually purchase summits, but I did with this one. Every talk was relevant, had lightbulb moments and full of practical advice."

the Experts

what you'll Learn

Join us on a journey of discovery where you’ll shift your mindset about behavior and learn how to improve challenging behavior while honoring your child’s neurodivergence. Our goal is to empower you by providing the information, support, and community you need to help your kids with ADHD, autism, and/or anxiety feel better and do better.

How to Decode Behavior

The behavior of complex kids can be frustrating and confusing. Learn the WHYs behind your child’s behavior, and what that behavior is actually communicating to you. It's telling you so much!

How to Protect & Strengthen the Relationship

Learn how to foster a relationship with your child that honors who they are and guides them to be their best selves. Our experts will provide strategies to nurture the relationship and to celebrate and enjoy what's awesome about your kid.

How to Create Improvement

We'll teach you strategies to address behavior in a compassionate way, that's grounded in neuroscience while honoring your child's neurodivergence. Learn how to help your child feel good so they can do good — at home, in the classroom, and in your community.

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“I learned so much valuable information from this Summit. But the most important is that I’m not alone! I’m a special educator, and I learned specific tips to use with not just my son, but also my students!”
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“Just wanted to say that I attend about 10 online summits each year, and I really love how yours is organized. It is so easy to access and navigate. Plus: great speakers.”
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“Thank you for all that you do! This is one of the best summits out there.”
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“This was the type of training that I have been looking for since my children were diagnosed. So helpful to know about the challenges that others have gone through and the options available out there for me as a parent to prepare my kids for the future, in school, work, and social development."
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“For me, I'm so motivated to review the ways and which our little team could do better, feel better. I'm motivated around revisiting our sensory strategies and executive function training and support. And I feel super supported right now, which I totally needed. <3 Thanks for all you do.”

the Schedule

What Behavior is Telling You

Friday, February 11, 2022

Interior Experience Shapes Outward Behavior

Kelly Mahler MS, OTR/L with Chloe Rothschild — Kelly is an OT and Author of “Interoception: The 8th Sense,” and Chloe is an Autistic Adult

Behavior-Based Lens vs. Brain-Based Lens

Eileen Devine, LCSW — Neurobehavioral Support Coach for Parents

How Stress and Trauma Impact Your Child’s Behavior

Linda Fleming McGhee, J.D., Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist and Host of the Radio Show Good Mental Health (Radio One) Raising Awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing

How Sensory Responses Shape Behavior

Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A. — Author of “The Out of Sync Child” and Former Music, Movement, and Drama Teacher

The Wall of Awful, Avoidance, and Shutting Down

Brendan Mahan, M.A., M.Ed. — ADHD/Executive Function Consultant, Coach, and Speaker

Anxiety’s Influence on Behavior

Melanie McNally, Psy.D. — Licensed Clinical Psychologist Who Helps Gen Zers Become the Super Heroes of Their Life Stories

Inequities in Education: How Schools Make it Difficult for Neurodivergent Kids to Learn

Pamela Talley — Co-Chair of the Special Education State Advisory Committee of Maryland

Troy Sampson — Chair of the Special Education Citizens’ Advisory Committee of Prince George’s County Maryland

Your Relationship with Your Child

Saturday, February 12, 2022

How to Stop Losing It at Your Kids

Hunter Clarke-Fields, MSAE, RYT — Mindful Mama Mentor and Author of “Raising Good Humans”

Relationality: Making Shifts to Optimize Family Relationships

Caron Starobin, LCSW-C — Individual, Couples, Family, and Group Therapist

Navigating Tricky Behavior

Andrew Fuller — Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist, Author of “Unlocking Your Child’s Genius,” “Tricky Teens,” and more, Speaker, and Creator of Learning Strengths ™

The Socially and Emotionally Connected Child

Elizabeth Sautter, MA, CCC-SLP — Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist and Author of “Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick!”

Why Your Kids Say No & How to Communicate Better

Sharon Saline, Psy.D. — Clinical Psychologist and Author of “What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew”

Helping Kids Think for Themselves with Declarative Language & Co-Regulation

Linda Murphy, MS, CCC-SLP — Speech Language Pathologist, RDI® Consultant and Author of “Declarative Language Handbook and Co-Regulation Handbook”

Reframing Behavior

Holly Bridges — Author of ‘Re-frame Your Thinking Around Autism,’ the Creator of A.R.T. – a Progressive Approach to Autism Therapy, and an Autistic Adult

Transforming the Well-Being of Kids Who Have Trouble Self-Regulating

Steve Gutstein, Ph.D. — Developer of RDIconnect®

Strategies for Improved Behavior

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Post-Traumatic Thriving

Dr. Randall Bell — Economist and Sociologist and Author of “Post-Traumatic Thriving” and “MeWeDoBe: The Four Cornerstones of Success”

Social EQ: Teaching Kids to Build Meaningful Relationships

Paul Micallef — Proud Aspie. Founder of EmotionsExplained.com.au

Skill not Will: How EF Strategies Can Reduce Challenging Behavior

Seth Perler, M.Ed. — Renegade Teacher Turned Executive Function Coach & 2e Coach

What Do You Say to Build Motivation and Stress Tolerance?

William Stixrud, Ph.D. & Ned Johnson — Authors of “The Self-Driven Child” and “What Do You Say?”

Managing School Behavior Compassionately & Effectively

Emily King, Ph.D. —  Licensed Psychologist and Heath Service Provider

School Avoidance & Refusal

Jeffrey Kranzler, Ph.D. — Therapist and Author of “The Crimson Protector”

Tapping to Regulate

Sue Simmons, BPHE, CPC — Certified Professional Coach and EFT Practitioner

Accepting the Impact of Race, Class, and Neurodivergence

Robert Naseef, Ph.D. — Psychologist, Father of Autistic Son, and Author of “Autism in the Family”

Michael Hannon, Ph.D., LAC, NCC — Counselor, Associate Professor of Counseling at Montclair State University, Author of the Upcoming Book “Black Fathering and Mental Health”

PLUS! sweet extras

Live Kickoff Masterclass: Does Your Child Feel Safe & Why It Matters


You've heard us say, "When your child feels good, they do good." Unfortunately, when kids make a mistake, the adults who are with them sometimes get upset, which makes the child upset. And when a child is upset and worried about how others will react, the thinking brain goes offline. In our masterclass you will learn why feeling safe is the foundation for "doing good," and how to help your child feel safe.

Live Community Event with Parents Who GET IT

SUNDAY, February 13, 8-9:30 PM EST U.S.

EXCLUSIVELY FOR FAST PASS HOLDERS — Join Sarah and Penny and your fellow Fast Pass holders on Zoom for community and networking with other parents on a similar parenting journey — other parents who "get it." There will be lots of virtual hugs and the relief that comes with knowing you're not alone. This is the community support you need to thrive with a neurodiverse family.

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your Summit Hosts

Meet the coaches and special needs moms who created the parenting summits founded The Behavior Revolution.

Penny Williams
Penny Williams

Parenting ADHD/Autism Coach. Award-Winning Author. Speaker.

Penny Williams trains and coaches parents raising kids with ADHD and/or autism. She’s the parent of a son with ADHD and autism, and the award-winning author of four books on parenting kids with ADHD, including Boy Without Instructions.

Penny is the founder of ParentingADHDandAutism.com, Founder and Instructor for the Parenting ADHD & Autism Academy, host of the Parenting ADHD Podcast, facilitator for the Happy Mama Retreat, and a frequent contributor on parenting and children with ADHD for ADDitude Magazine.

Sarah Wayland, PhD

Parent Coach. RDI® Consultant. Special Needs Care Navigator.

Sarah Wayland, Ph.D. founded her company, Guiding Exceptional Parents, to help parents learn how to confidently and effectively help their children with ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, and other brain-based differences at home, at school, and in the community.

In addition to hosting trainings, lecturing, and working with individual clients, Sarah is co-editor of the book Technology Tools for Students with Autism, and has written articles for the 2e Newsletter, Attention Magazine, and the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum.

While the main diagnostic tool used in the USA classifies autism into different levels of functioning, we prefer to think about the support needs of the individual. Using that language, this conference is for parents of less obviously autistic kids who have lower (but still substantial) support needs.

Many autistic people prefer identity-first language, while people with anxiety and ADHD, as well as parents, often prefer person-first language. We believe all people should be addressed in a way that honors their preferences. We have done that whenever possible.