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Diagnosis Experts Webinar Collection

10 Sessions with Some of the World's Most Renowned Experts on Diagnosing Neurodifferences

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you for this summit. It has been SO eye opening. I am seriously in tears because it is the perfect message at the perfect time. I've passed the link on to all of my fellow Autism mom friends. All of your efforts in organizing this are appreciated."
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"It's really nice to have a place where you can go and learn how to support your children from people who see them as unique humans, not problems to be fixed. I have so much info rolling around in my head right now. Every year, this summit is just so encouraging and such a breath of fresh air. ❤️"
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“Not only do I feel empowered with knowledge, but also understanding that my son is who he is supposed to be. I'm grateful and proud, more than anything, I'm at peace."
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“I have a renewed sense of hope for the future and a ton of new tricks in my bag! I could never have found all of these resources on my own in a lifetime, and you gave them to me in a week.”

About these

expert sessions.

Do you suspect your child may have ADHD and/or autism or do you now have a new diagnosis of one or both? If so, this experts collection is for you. We’ll provide clarity to the diagnostic process and next steps after diagnosis, including how to talk to your child about their differences.

This collection of expert sessions features 10 different experts in the fields of ADHD, autism, parenting, and diagnosis. Learn about how ADHD and autism are diagnosed, next steps, how to your focus your energy after diagnosis, what to do when ADHD and autism co-exist, creating a plan for growth and success, and the role culture can play in the life of a child with an invisible disability.

What You'll Learn

Join us on a journey of discovery where you will learn how to nurture your child with ADHD and/or autism while bringing peace to your entire family.  Our goal is to help you understand your child while sharing strategies that will help you:

How ADHD & Autism Are Diagnosed

Our experts will help you understand the diagnostic process when the challenges are ADHD, autism, and other invisible disabilities. You will learn what to expect when you make the decision to pursue a diagnosis.

When ADHD & Autism Overlap

Many kids have both ADHD and autism. Learn what to look for if you suspect your child has both conditions, and get the inside scoop on what it's like for a child with both diagnoses.

What to Focus on Post-Diagnosis

Once you have a diagnosis, it's often unclear what to do next to help your child. Learn how to tell your child and what to consider as you plan your next steps.

Creating a Plan for Growth & Success

To move forward and meet goals you need a plan. Learn how to use your child's strengths and weaknesses to create a strategic plan for success.

Start truly understanding your child and improving behavior.

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The Expert Sessions You'll Get

Salya Namazi

Diagnosing Invisible Disabilities: The Evaluation Process

Salya Namazi, Ph.D. Clinical Neuropsychologist & Licensed Psychologist

When you realize that something about your child is different, the first step is to find someone to test your child. In this interview, neuropsychologist Salya Namazi describes what a neuropsychological assessment will involve. From the parent interview, to talking to teachers, determining which tests to administer, through to delivering the diagnosis and describing appropriate next actions, you will learn how a neuropsychologist gets the information to provide you with a roadmap to help your child succeed.

Telling Your Child About Their Diagnosis and Reframing the Narrative

Donna Henderson, Psy.D. Clinical Neuropsychologist with The Stixrud Group

One of the most common questions parents have after they get a diagnosis for their child is, “Should I tell them?” Listen in as Dr. Donna Henderson talks with Sarah Wayland about how to have this talk with your child to help them feel empowered rather than judged. You will learn about the importance of accepting your child for who they are, and will come away with concrete strategies for communicating with your child at their level.

Diagnosed! Now What?

Abila Tazanu, M.D. Founder & Director of the One World Center for Autism

You’ve just learned that there is a medical reason for why your child does things that were previously inexplicable. But it’s so hard to know what to do next. Dr. Abila Tazanu works with families through all stages of the process, and in this presentation she shares her wisdom about each stage — from your own emotional reaction to the news, through getting clarity about your child’s struggles, to providing targeted help. You will learn about the cultural forces that can shape how we understand disability and get clear concrete steps about how to prepare your child for living a life that they love.

Designing Comprehensive Intervention Plans with The Ziggurat Model​

Ruth Aspy, Ph.D. & Barry G. Grossman, Ph.D. Psychologists & Co-Creators of the Ziggurat Model

How do you help a child with ADHD and/or autism accomplish the goals that are important to them? You have to respect who they are — their strengths, challenges, and the world they live in. And you have to think about how to put supports in place so they can learn what they need to learn. The Ziggurat Model is a comprehensive planning tool that will help you understand your child as you figure out how to support them. By asking yourself The Five Questions, and using these tools, you can learn the best way to help your child.

Devon MacEachron, PhD

Your Strategic Plan to Optimize Your Child’s Potential

Devon MacEachron, Ph.D. Psychologist Specializing in Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Learners

If you don't know where you are, how can you create a road map to get where you want to go? You can't meet your goals without a plan, and you can't create an effective plan without knowing your child's strengths and weaknesses, and planning for how to work with them. Learn how to identify your child's challenges and gifts, and use them to make a strategic plan that will support your child and facilitate their growth and improvement.

Common Co-Occurring Conditions

Salya Namazi, Ph.D. Clinical Neuropsychologist & Licensed Psychologist

Autism and/or ADHD can make it really hard for a kid. And sometimes there’s more going on than just autism or ADHD. It makes sense that trying to navigate the world of typically developing kids while neurodiverse would make a child incredibly anxious, but anxiety might also be a co-occurring condition that makes everything harder. Listen to this conversation with Dr. Salya Namazi, as she describes some of the other challenges that frequently co-occur with autism and ADHD, including anxiety, depression, seizures, gastrointestinal issues, and sleep disorders.  Dr. Namazi describes the challenges inherent in these conditions, how they present, how to get an accurate diagnosis, and how to get appropriate treatment.

Salya Namazi

No “Fixing” Required: Accepting Our Kids for Who They Are

Heather Chauvin, BSW Tedx Speaker, Creator of the Mom Is In Control Podcast

There’s no more powerful parenting message for raising kids with challenges than recognizing that there’s nothing to be fixed and accepting your child for who they are. Achieving that is truly freeing, for both you and your child. This is crucial to not only being the parent you want to be for your child, but also for your own physical and emotional wellbeing. In this session, Penny Williams talks with “Mom Is In Control” maven, Heather Chauvin, about the importance of this acceptance and what it takes to gain that freedom.

When ADHD & Autism Overlap

Sarah Cheyette, M.D. Pediatric Neurologist, Author of ADHD and the Focused Mind

More and more kids are getting the dual diagnosis of ADHD and autism spectrum disorder since the latest version of the diagnostic manual opened the door to the possibility that individuals can have both. Dr. Cheyette discusses the differences between ADHD and autism, how to know if you should have your child evaluated for both diagnoses, and what this combination means for treatment and your family.

Sarah Cheyette

When ADHD & Autism Co-Exist: Insights and Treatment from a Trauma Perspective

Robert Cox, MA, LPC, NCC Therapist, Author of The Life Recovery Method

It is impossible to understand the true experience of your child with ADHD (or autism). You cannot know what they feel like in different environments and from one day to the next. Add autism to the mix, and it's doubly complicated. In this talk, Robert Cox and Penny discuss the co-existence of autism in many kids with ADHD and vice versa, and what that feels like for the child, using the way the brain works as evidence. Learn how sensory struggles and fear impact kids with ADHD and autism, why it's helpful to think about them as traumatic events, and how to help your child cope.

The Impact of Culture in Raising Neurodiverse Kids

Maria Davis-Pierre, LMHC Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Founder of Autism in Black

It’s tough raising neurodiverse children, but raising Black neurodiverse children is even more challenging. Maria Davis-Pierre founded Autism in Black to help Black parents feel understood, and to educate clinicians about how to help their Black clients. In this conversation, we explore what it means to be Black AND neurodivergent. Listen in as Sarah Wayland and Maria talk about the impact of religion, racism, policing, and education on Black families, and how White people can help.

Marie Davis Pierre

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