Help your child feel better and do better.

Transform your family.

The Behavior Revolution Program is a neuroscience-backed, integrated behavior system that offers the tools, guidance, and support needed for parents of kids with ADHD or autism to connect with their challenging kids and improve behavior. We’re not changing our kids — we’re helping them navigate, succeed in, and thrive in our neurotypical world.


The Behavior Revolution Program is currently closed.

BUT, we've got you!

Join the waitlist and get our free Starter Kit that includes our Does My Child Feel Safe & Why Does It Matter? masterclass and some downloadable tools and cheat sheets designed to help you create some quick wins and get your family transformation started.

We’ve helped thousands of families across the globe achieve improvement.

“Your work is empowering and is making a REAL difference to families with complicated kids.”

Robin L.


"I love you guys! You're always about helping us parents improve ourselves and our relationships with our children. Plus you keep it real!"



"I admire Penny & Sarah’s wealth of knowledge. Their heart is in the perfect place."

Vanessa R.


“I am in admiration and awe of all that you are doing to help us navigate the many challenges we face as parents of children with ADHD and/ or autism. Your words of wisdom and honesty have really supported me with my son, as well as the useful, evidence-based information you offer from professionals."

Coleen F.


“I listened to the podcast [your] Behavior Revolution in my car alone, pumping my fist and saying, 'YES!!!' A rising tide really lifts all ships and whatever we can all do to help guide parents through the rough patches on this journey, the better.”

Jenn Dryer

Co-founder, Raising Orchid Kids

“Dr. Wayland helped me feel more empowered and encouraged — validating my concerns and offering very real help to address my child’s challenges."

Vera N.


“You're the first of all the people we sought help from that really ‘gets it.’ Thank you, Penny!”

Maureen M.


“As a parent, I often feel like no one understands. But these people get it!”

Donita T.


You can too.

So, what is The Behavior Revolution System anyway?

It’s a customizable behavior system with a self-paced online course where you’ll learn how to ditch the helpless feelings, dramatically improve challenging behaviors, and reclaim joy for your family. 

By the end of the program, you’ll…

No more helplessness. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

(Play this video with sound on to get a short tour inside the program.)

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You can help your child to feel better and do better.

We'll show you how in this free masterclass, THE BEHAVIOR REVOLUTION: Understand your child's behavior and learn how to improve it compassionately and successfully, while honoring their neurodiversity.

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