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We help you celebrate and support your child through neuroscience-backed insights, hard-won strategies, compassion, and guidance. We’ve helped thousands of families across the globe achieve improvement. Let us help your family too.


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The struggle is real...

but it doesn't have to persist.

Being a kid is harder than ever and ADHD and autism compound the challenges. And helping your kids navigate all those challenges is often confusing and frustrating for even the most dedicated parent. Your kid’s challenges compound into parenting challenges. And these challenges don’t just affect your neuro-atypical child — they affect your entire family.

Maybe you’ve tried the standard parenting approaches with little to no progress. You’re convinced you must be missing something. You’re convinced you aren’t the right parent for the job. You are trying so hard and your child’s behavior still isn’t improving.

You clearly need to try something different.

That’s where we come in!

After over a decade raising our own boys with ADHD and/or autism, obsessively researching neurodiversity, and helping other families like ours, we came to the clear conclusion that the foundation for improvement is recognizing that behavior is simply a signal. It’s communicating a struggle and that the child is not feeling safe. Sometimes the behavior is intentional, but more often it’s an automatic response from the brain — a brain that often has a sensitized stress response to begin with.

Change the way you think about behavior...

and change your family.

— we believe —

Kids do well if they can. (Parents too!)

Every child deserves to feel confident and competent. When they feel good and have the necessary skills, they can do good.

Behavior is communication.

Your child may not have the skills to tell you directly what they need or what is wrong. They also may not have the skills to handle or manage big emotions.

Changing behavior often requires a change in your parenting.

A parent’s mindset guides the journey. Unconditional love, connection, and collaboration are significant and empower a strong parent-child relationship.

Your child isn't giving you a hard time, your child is having a hard time.

When faced with challenging behavior, consider your child’s developmental level and intention. While the behavior may feel personal on the surface, your child is actually struggling.

Disruptive behavior is a signal that your child is feeling unsafe.

The human nervous system is exquisitely tuned to detect danger. And when your child doesn’t feel seen, heard, or safe, their neurology shifts into fight, flight, or freeze.

Every child and every family can thrive.

We are all beautifully complex. No one is good or bad, just marvelously imperfect. We recognize that understanding and loving our kids just the way they are is the first step to creating a life where they can thrive.

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Your family’s success depends a great deal on your mindset. The Manifesto of the Neurodiverse Family outlines the belief system you need to adopt to help your child succeed and your family thrive.

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Make change now.

Your intention is to raise successful, happy adults, of course. We know you long for a peaceful, calm family. You crave a life you don’t feel like you need to escape from, and want the same for your kids.

Any time is the right time to make a shift and try something new… but knowing the right direction to take is anything but easy, and not every strategy is successful for every neurodiverse child.

We offer the clarity around brain science, the nervous system, and human behavior necessary to help your child and your family thrive. 

Let's liberate your neurodiverse family.

We see

your struggle.

Are you trying to improve behavior but seeing little to no results?

Is your child struggling to regulate and manage his or her emotions?

Are you struggling to know how to help your child in school?

Do you feel unequipped to handle neurodifferences and the teen years in one child?

Does your child struggle socially with friendships and connection?

Create a family life

you don't feel like you need a vacation from.

There are so many challenges when it comes to raising kids with ADHD and/or autism. And the combination of struggles is unique to each family. That’s why we’ve created an integrated behavior system that offers the tools and guidance needed for parents of kids with ADHD or autism to connect with your challenging kid(s), improve behavior, and finally see your child thrive.

It is time to start seeing results!


The Behavior Revolution System & Course

Create the life you crave for your child, and your family.

The Behavior Revolution Program is a combination of the best from the experts in the field with our collective training and experience to offer you ONE customizable, step-by-step system to address behavior — a system that actually works for kids with ADHD or autism.

You’ll get the tools and know-how necessary to help your child change their challenging behavior, so you can ditch the helpless feelings and reclaim joy for your family.

Be the spark

in your child's world.

We can help you create meaningful change.

Get the Insights and Knowledge Necessary to Understand Your Child and Their Behavior

Learn Proven Tools and Strategies — Backed by Brain Science — to Identify and Reduce Challenging Behavior

Achieve Success with the Guidance You Need to Make Change Happen for Your Child and Your Family


Incorporate brain-science and the mind-body connection to improve behavior.

Every day scientists and researchers are uncovering more about the mind-body connection. At The Behavior Revolution, we combine psychology, polyvagal theory, behavior as communication, and specifics of the ADHD brain and the autistic brain to understand and effectively address the root of behavior, to improve behavior.


Enhance your understanding of your child and the ADHD/autism experience.

ADHD and autism are more complex than the diagnostic criteria. Follow our lead on a deep dive into the hidden layers and complexities of ADHD and autism to better understand your child’s day-to-day experience. This understanding means you will support your child in a more authentic, empowering and effective way. 


Get the support and guidance you need to make change happen in your family.

Successfully addressing behavior requires a complex perspective and approach. At The Behavior Revolution, we provide a blueprint to identify triggers, the knowledge and perspective necessary to understand your child’s response, strategies to help kids regulate, a game plan to teach lagging skills, strategies to keep yourself calm and respond to your child, rather than react, and the guidance to put it all into practice and see results. 

Elevate your parenting!

Start learning and connecting now.

The Behavior Revolution is all about one thing: providing the knowledge and parent training necessary to empower you to empower your child for success.

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