Decoding Behavior Summit

Top Insights and Strategies to Address Behavior with Compassion, Grounded in Brain Science, and Honoring Neurodiversity

Twenty-seven of the world’s learning, education, ADHD, and autism experts  — 25% of whom are neurodivergent or have learning challenges — have come together in one conference to share the evidence-based knowledge, tools, and strategies that help struggling learners succeed and shine.

Lily KernWashington, DC
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“I’m really emailing to thank you for your AMAZING parenting autism summit. I’m not a parent myself but I found the sessions I was able to watch so incredibly useful for the work I do with young people every day. We need more of what you’re doing, we really do.”
Dr. Jeffrey Kranzler, Ph.D., LCSW-CPsychologist
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The Parenting Autism Summit is an amazing experience for parents, educators and therapists. The presentations are comprehensive, clear, interesting and significantly boost the knowledge base and skills of the attendees.
VivianTeacher & Parent
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“I learned so much valuable information from this Summit. But the most important is that I’m not alone! I’m a special educator, and I learned specific tips to use with not just my son, but also my students!”
SarahPreschool Teacher
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“I work with preschoolers and I was able to gain some valuable knowledge on SPD and how I can help some children in my room who exhibit SPD traits. Thank you so much for this session.”

Ready to transform challenging behavior and help your students or clients thrive?

This summit is all about providing hope for a struggling child's future and helping you to help your kids — and yourself — feel better and do better. 24 of the world’s experts on behavior, ADHD, autism, and anxiety have come together to share the most effective, scientifically-supported approaches for challenging behavior.

You’ll learn:

Join thousands of parents, educators, and professionals improving life for their neurodivergent kids — as well as for themselves. 

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for this summit. It has been SO eye opening. I am seriously in tears because it is the perfect message at the perfect time. I've passed the link on to all of my fellow Autism mom friends. All of your efforts in organizing this are appreciated.
Lynn Davison
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“I'm so grateful to Penny and Sarah for pulling all these autism parenting experts together in one place. NOW I know where to go to research my questions. The speakers are passionate about what they know and they love to share it. Well worth the investment to be able to listen to their presentations on my own time. Thank you both!”
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“I just wanted to reach out to thank you so much for putting together this summit and allowing me to participate as a parent free of charge. I have been finding the sessions so incredibly helpful and encouraging. It's eye opening and educational to understand the world of autism beyond my everyday experiences with my son, but to hear beyond from experts I wouldn't ordinarily hear from, helps me help my son. Thank you.”
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“I have a renewed sense of hope for the future and a ton of new tricks in my bag! I could never have found all of these resources on my own in a lifetime, and you gave them to me in a week.”
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“The Summit is a gold mine of information. Every parent of a special needs child needs to listen to it. Amazing!"
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“Not only do I feel empowered with knowledge, but also understanding that my son is who he is supposed to be. I'm grateful and proud, more than anything, I'm at peace."
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I don't usually purchase summits, but I did with this one. Every talk was relevant, had lightbulb moments and full of practical advice.

The Experts

What You'll Learn

Join us on a journey of discovery where you'll shift your mindset about behavior and learn how to improve challenging behavior while honoring a child's unique wiring. Our goal is to empower you by providing the information, support, and community you need to help neurodivergent kids with ADHD, autism, learning disabilities and/or anxiety feel better and do better.

Here's what's inside:

How to Help Kids Feel Good so They Can Do Good

We all have to feel good in order to be able to do good — it's our biology. You'll learn what changes to make and steps to take in order to help kids regulate so they can feel better. Because when a child feels good, they are much less likely to have challenging behavior.

How to Harness Individuality & Uniqueness

Individuality and uniqueness allow each of us to contribute to the world. When those unique traits are viewed as negatives, we all lose out. And denying who our kids are escalates unwanted behavior and erodes self-worth. Learn how to harness a child's differences to improve challenging behavior.

How to Tackle Specific Behavior Challenges

When the behavior of neurodivergent kids is volatile and significant, it can be hard to figure out how to help. We're going to teach you how to address and transform a few of these behaviors, including aggression, lying, and lack of motivation, as well as behaviors related to screen-time.

At the end you’ll know:

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“I learned so much valuable information from this Summit. But the most important is that I’m not alone! I’m a special educator, and I learned specific tips to use with not just my son, but also my students!”
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“Just wanted to say that I attend about 10 online summits each year, and I really love how yours is organized. It is so easy to access and navigate. Plus: great speakers.”
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“Thank you for all that you do! This is one of the best summits out there.”
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“This was the type of training that I have been looking for since my children were diagnosed. So helpful to know about the challenges that others have gone through and the options available out there for me as a parent to prepare my kids for the future, in school, work, and social development."
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“For me, I'm so motivated to review the ways and which our little team could do better, feel better. I'm motivated around revisiting our sensory strategies and executive function training and support. And I feel super supported right now, which I totally needed. <3 Thanks for all you do.”

Helping Kids Feel Good so They Can Do Good

Stressed Behavior Isn’t Misbehavior

Stuart Shanker, Ph.D. — Author of “Self-Reg” & CEO of The MEHRIT Centre

How to Shift from Reactive to Proactive

Laura Linn Knight — Parenting Educator & Author of “Break Free from Reactive Parenting”

Making Social & Emotional Learning Stick Using the 3 Ss

Elizabeth Sautter, MA, CCC-SLP —Licensed Speech Language Pathologist & Author of “Make Social & Emotional Learning Stick”

How to Help Your Child Get Adequate Rest

Heather Turgeon, MFT & Julie Wright, MFT,Psychotherapists, Authors, Sleep Experts and Moms

The Role of Motivation, Connection, & Video Games in Fostering Resilience

Brendan Mahan, M.Ed., MS — Producer and Host of the ADHD Essentials Podcast, Internationally Recognized ADHD/Executive Function Expert

Your Shame is Impacting Your Child’s Behavior, But It Doesn’t Have To

Mercedes Samudio, LCSW — Parent Coach, Speaker & Author of “Shame-Proof Parenting”

Is it Bad Behavior or Dysregulation?

Greg Santucci, OTR/L, — Pediatric OT, Founding Director of Power Play Pediatric & Creator of the Model of Child Engagement

Are You Supporting or Enabling?

Debbie Reber, M.A., — Founder of Tilt Parenting & Author of “Differently Wired”

Harnessing Individuality and Uniqueness to Transform Behavior

Celebrating Uniqueness to Build Self-Confidence

Cathy Domoney — Parenting Expert & Author of a Kids’ Book Series that Includes “The Magic is Inside of You” and “Am I Weird”

Is Challenging Behavior Intentional?

Eileen Devine, LCSWNeurobehavioral Support Coach for Parents

Customizing Your Parenting Approach Based on the Kid You Have

Gabriele Nicolet, MA, CCC-SLP & Jen Dryer, M. Ed. — Parent Coaches & Founders of Orchid Kids

Cultural Considerations when Interpreting Behavior

Jamell White, Ph.D., LCSW-C —Therapist & Clinical Assistant Professor

Nurturing Supportive Sibling Relationships

Caron Starobin, LCSW-C & Bari Turkheimer, LMSW — Individual, Couples, Family, and Group Therapist

Tackling Motivation Challenges

Seth Perler, M.Ed. — Renegade Teacher Turned Executive Function, ADHD & 2e Coach

Boredom and Behavior

Emily Kircher-Morris, M.A., M.Ed., LPC — Mental Health Counselor & Host of The Neurodiversity Podcast

Internal Experiences Can Explain Behavior

Paul Micallef —Aerospace Engineer, Proud Aspie, Founder of AutismFromTheInside.com.au

Tackling Specific Behavior Challenges

Screentime-Related Behavior Challenges

Debbie Steinberg Kuntz LMFT — Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Founder and CEO of Bright & Quirky

The Truth About Lying

Sharon Saline, Psy.D. — Clinical Psychologist & Author of “What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew”

How to Help a Kid in Survival Mode

Dayna Abraham — Founder of the Calm the Chaos® Framework, Author of “The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day”

Coping With and Improving Aggression

Tosha Schore, M.A. —Founder of Parenting Boys Peacefully

What to Do or Say When Kids Are Having a Hard Time

Emily King, Ph.D. — Licensed Psychologist and Heath Service Provider

Ensuring That Kids Feel Safe in the Classroom

Emily Read Daniels, M.Ed., MBA, NCC, SEP™ — Author of “The Regulated Classroom”

Meltdowns & Burnout: How to Help

David Gray Hammond — Consultant, Mentor, Autistic, ADHD, and Schizophrenic Author, Founder of “Emergent Divergence”

What Happens When Play is a Four-Letter Word?

Rachelle Sheely, Ph.D. — Clinical Psychologist, Co-Developer of RDI®

We're Penny & Sarah!

We are parenting coaches for neurodiverse families and neurodivergence consultants for educators.

Most importantly though, we are one of you. We are both raising neurodivergent boys who are now young adults. We’ve been in the trenches and we’ve parented on our own terms, creating improvement and happy families. Not always-happy families, but families with lots of joy.

We’ve helped thousands of parents and educators like you create improvement for the neurodivergent kids in their lives, and we can help you too. 

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